The Success of a Summer Day


fter all the working, sweating, hustling, striving, and suffering we go through to achieve our version of the American Dream, we come to a beautiful, breezy day, friends and family by our side, laughing, good food, and some babies and puppies thrown in for good measure.

Some of us are so focused on “success” that we miss the very things we would seek after we achieved it.

Some us of even envy others for their mere ability to enjoy it today.

How can we discount how blessed many of us are to simply enjoy these things now? Some of us work our entire lives to taste this experience.

To simply live free from fear, pain, stress, and suffering. To simply mean it when we smile. To feel joy.

Our fathers and forefathers fought hard and died for us to enjoy these simple pleasures as well as the immense freedom we enjoy.

We can sleep at night without fear of attack. We can hang out on a nice summer day and not hide the children.

I produced this video for many reasons, but the first was to capture this feeling as a reminder to be grateful.

The Jendryk’s throw an annual summer Crawfish Boil with their own Cajun recipes straight from Louisiana.

We had a great time, and I hope this video inspires you to reflect on how good many of us already have it.

May your summer be a blessed one. Cherish every last drop.

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