Two Ways to a Lasting Body of Work


ost creators — no matter how famous today — will ever be remembered.

Their work might not even be remembered by tomorrow.

Content, as some art is referred to online these days, is so ethereal. It lives as digital ash that blows away with the slightest attention shifts.

God created humanity, the earth, and the heavens as lasting works that will live on for eternity.

His creation hints at ways we can frame our creation for maximum impact.

If we want to be creators of substance, of true value that can stand the test of time, I think there are two areas to focus.


Invest in helping people. Invest in the next generation. Invest in our kids.

Invest in yourself in such a way that you can be an example for them to follow.

Create experiences they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Create moments that will change who they are as people.

Create environments where they can thrive.

Create in such a way that you introduce them to the Creator.

We might not get much time to do this, so take advantage of every moment we are given.

As hard as it can be, practice presence.

As much as we feel we need to work, or make art, or create things, the very people in front of us will outlive them all.

The Earth

On a perfect earth before sin had entered Eden, God’s first job he gave man was to name the animals and take care of the earth. To cultivate it.

That job still stands.

Create in such a way that respects our planet and all the living things on it.

Create a culture that renews, regenerates, and replenishes our resources.

To work to destroy what we have been entrusted is to become an anti-creator.

Cultivation can also include making our world more beautiful.

Art, music, architecture, fashion, cuisine — these can all contribute to a greater awareness and respect for the beauty of our world.

Ultimately, our collective efforts as artists and creators act as one in worship of the Creator, in homage to His work.

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