Winners focus on winning while losers focus on winners


ith all the hubbub about Trump in this crazy 2016 election year, this saying really jumped out at me.

Trump is focused on winning the election for President, while everyone else is focused on him.

It’s hard to find any other candidate who can stay focused on his or her own vision and not mention him.

I can see this same dynamic play out with leaders at all levels of influence.

The true leaders focus on the end goal and do not seem to follow or even care about their competitors or peers.

They don’t have time for distraction, and they focus only on executing what they do best.

As I reflect on what it means to lead, whether in a positive or negative direction, I’m learning a few new principles.

Self awareness

To fully and simply see yourself for who you are.

You know your strengths, your weaknesses, your limits, your IQ, and your EQ.

You know what you want and do not apologize for it.

You are not self conscious, over confident, or under confident.

You are centered and able to focus on serving others because you are secure.

Insecurity swirls among the people around you because your boldness and confidence unnerve them.

You are not offended by insecure people and can sympathize with their reality.

You stay positive and moving toward your goal using your own past progress as a measure, not others.

Ambitious contentment

You are happy with your continuous march toward your goal.

Your lack of bitterness or frustration in your current progress reveals your balanced work ethic and sustainable energy level in all you do.

You are not satisfied with sitting still and must pursue growth but do so humbly and gratefully without angst or sarcasm.

You are criticized for failing despite winning larger than most because your goals are so big.

You could walk away from it all at any time and be happy; but you welcome the challenge.

Did I get all this from watching Trump?

No, but it’s interesting that when you check your focus you find yourself aligned with either the winners or the losers.

And there are a lot of losers posturing against the winners rather than blazing a new trail toward their goal.

Here’s to you leading us toward your unique vision and goals.

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