Feedback Only Works When We Are Ready to Listen


istening to a podcast this week, I learned that almost 30% of our thoughts are daydreams.

We are constantly somewhere else. Or some time else.

We imagine our dreamworld where our pains, worries, and frustrations are gone.

We take solace in that place that makes us happy.

Then we plunge back into reality and go to work finding that place.

One way to ensure we are on track is to ask for feedback from those we trust.

Some ask for accountability. Some get mentors. Some join a community.

Others are forced to hear feedback from their boss.

Either way, we choose whether to listen to this feedback.

To hear we are desperately off course or climbing a ladder to nowhere causes more pain than our minds can handle.

So we stop listening.

And continue climbing the same ladder.

Because we are not ready to hear, accept reality, and take massive action to change.

Change is hard. And painful. And scary. And everything we want to escape.

Yet the process of asking, listening, accepting, and changing is essential for growth.

We cannot achieve any results beyond our current ones unless we first accept our cognitive dissonance.

We may be vibrating in our minds toward one thing, and living toward another.

Our subconscious knows it, so when we hear valuable feedback, the walls, gates, and doors with locks start going up — unless we reprogram our minds.

Before we ask for feedback, we must be ready to listen.

And before we give feedback, we must know that few are ready to grow.

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