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ome of us are on a journey to find ourselves. Others are on a journey of remembering who we are.

A few have not only found or remembered, they have transcended beyond themselves to help others imagine a better journey.

These people are the masters. Those who have integrated everything they are into a positive force in the world.

Master artist Stanka Kordic lives this ideal. She inspires us all to follow her lead.

She paints her vision of the world while using actual paint. She has been faithfully doing so for decades. And my job was to translate this enormously talented artist’s voice on canvas into the medium of film.

“Could it be done?” I asked myself. No, but maybe I could create something new and give a voice where there was none. I agreed to try.

While her art speaks for itself, for the first time, the artist herself speaks.

Imagine: The Artwork of Stanka Kordic is a short film that introduces a beautiful person who inspires others with her art to see life differently.

Our lives can transform simply by re-framing our perspective. And paintings can speak to this transformation every time we look at them. They can become close friends, as art collector Sara in the film explains.

I thoroughly enjoyed diving head first into the art of translating art. Painting with moving images and sound.

Stanka even cleared music rights with shared favorite cellist and composer, Zoe Keating, whose ambient neo-classical music could not have better fit this film. How symbolic it was to create with a soundtrack as layered and progressive as Stanka’s paintings!

You will notice in the film some of my own experimental shooting techniques that Stanka welcomed openly.

Because of the organic layering and experimenting in her own art, she immediately appreciated me doing the same.

Working with another artist in this way became its own artistic process. She saw me painting with a different brush, recognized what I was doing, and played off that energy.

Imagine will take you on a multi-layered journey with Stanka as your guide through painting her latest masterpiece, evolving into a new art style, and stepping into the unknown. I invite you to watch and be moved.

Be sure to look out for her latest gallery show called the The Rhythm of Stillness starting 11/11/11 at BAYarts in Bay Village, Ohio.

To see her art online, visit

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4 Comments Imagine Short Film

  1. Walter Woodpecker

    This film is a joy on so many levels. Stanka Kordic is not a straight-forward artist. She is unique and this film is a gem how the many facets and motivations woven into the paintings are brought to our awareness with the understanding of a pure and true philosophy. The historical significance cannot be understated. And yes, this is really the convergence of three discreet and masterful artists. Epic. 

  2. Stanka Kordic

    Dear Jeff. I am once again left speechless, and humbled. How do you do this? Your words touch me as deeply as your vision in film. I am forever grateful that I stumbled upon your work and had the opportunity to work with you in such a meaningful way. May doors in your world be flung wide with possibility because of our creative experience together. Peace, now and always.

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