Matthew Rineer “Survive” Music Video


n the film world, working solo is becoming a reality where before it was almost impossible.

The indie filmmaker now has the tools and technology to act as the director, cameraman, sound guy, producer, editor, and marketing team. Himself. And in greater numbers than ever before, herself.

The affordable digital technology rivaling Hollywood is driving innovations that are rewriting the rules on what it means to produce video for audiences. Especially when that audience can be anywhere in the world online.

I love that I am living during one of the largest transitions in the history of film.

But as one starting off as an indie, I am quickly realizing that there is wisdom, power, and magic in the team. There is a reason Hollywood has developed all the distinct roles for each position on a set. And when you get to work with a team of like-minded folks, however small, the excitement level bumps up a notch.

For this music video, I worked with a small team that brought that inspirational spark for upcoming Nashville folk artist Matthew Rineer.

We had a wonderful Director, John Paul Penrod, who brought his vision for what he wanted to see happen.

We had a beautiful actress and model, Bethany Dickason, who came prepared with a great attitude.

And we had a band of musicians that really cared about presenting their music in the best possible light to their fans. Matthew was the perfect gentleman and encourager.

I ran the camera, or as the film industry would say, I was the Director of Photography.

As solo Swiss Army knifes, some indie filmmakers list off all the jobs they cover. I like to keep it simple and say I acted as Producer in that case, but this is so new, everyone is making it up.

I heard three different filmmakers recently call themselves three different things for essentially doing the same work – videographer, cinematographer, filmmaker.

When you can also take still frames out of the videos, you also become a photographer. At that point, what are you? A photographer slash videographer? A visual artist?

All in all, I highly recommend working in a team on any production set if possible, whatever roles you fill.

I wish Matthew and his band all the best with their music and career. They invested in a solid music video that showcases their music visually, and I hope they are proud of what they have accomplished to date.

I can honestly say that after hearing his song on repeat all day during our shoot, I never got tired of it. It’s that easy on the ears.

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