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he guys in Building 429 and I have been trying to find ways to work together for years now, so I was delighted when I got the green light from Provident to film the guys making their latest album, Listen To The Sound.

The series of nine videos, entitled Listen To The Sounds From the Studio, gave fans a unique behind the scenes look into the creative process of recording.

They released one video every week leading up to the album launch date and generated over 15,000 views. The album shot straight to #1 in the Christian & Gospel store on iTunes. Congrats again to a job well done guys!

Jason Roy, Michael Anderson, Jesse Garcia, and Aaron Branch created what many are saying is their best album to date, after a solid four albums under their belt and thousands of shows around the world.

Award-winning co-producers Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp, along with rock producer Rob Hawkins, crafted a mature, memorable album.

The key impression I got after seeing the guys on this record versus past records is that they were just having fun.

They were not anxious, under pressure, super intense, or even jaded as many artists can be in the studio. They had clearly hit their stride in their career, and I could tell they were producing something special they were proud to share with the world.

It was an honor working with their management team at Thomas Vasquez, the folks at Provident Music Group, their worship team who sang on the album’s opening track “Made for You” and “Where I Belong,” as well as special guest Dawn Michele, Fireflight’s frontwoman, who sang a duet on “I’ll Be With You.”

Everyone was open to working with me and sharing ideas on what would make the series more compelling.

One thing you will probably notice is that there are nine videos in the series but only eight were released. The ninth video covered a hilarious prank they pulled on one of their musicians. They messed with the tuning on his parts when he listened back to them just to mess with him, and the reaction was priceless. To protect the innocent, they were probably wise to keep that one private, but I think it speaks to how much fun they were having creating together.

I love artists. I love music. And I love artists that make music.

My work on this project was incredibly rewarding, and visually documenting this period in their lives was a blast. Their story is one of love, hope, and grace conquering all, even when life throws everything negative your way.

Check out the entire series and visit Building 429’s website to listen and buy the record if you like it. I hope this video series conveys their heart behind these songs and gives you a greater appreciation for how they were created.

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  1. Ben Reed

    I just stumbled on this post, Jeff. I watched those videos when they came out…you did such an amazing job on them! 

    Jason’s a good friend of mine (we serve on staff together in Clarksville), and he was incredibly proud of the work you guys did.

    Keep it up!

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