Pearl Drums Promo Video with Beka Panepinto


was delighted to shoot a promo video of Beka Panepinto playing her ePro Live Pearl drum kit.

Pearl was preparing for a big event and wanted to feature her playing this unique electronic/acoustic drum kit.

All I had to work with was about 30 minutes right before she had to play, with only available light and no time to do any pre-production. No lights. No make-up. No sound. Just me and a camera.

I knew the edit was where all the work had to be done as long as I got some good shots. I had a lot of fun and it really paid off for everyone involved.

Pearl loved it. They featured her on the big screen at their annual conference and created some buzz around their new kit.

They then sponsored Beka shortly afterward. Congrats to you Beka!

She is truly amazing to watch. Let alone the fact that female drummers are rare in the music industry, she is only 19 and has over six years under her belt already.

Her professional edge on the kit mixes pleasantly with her down-to-earth, open personality.

She is a role model for girls and anyone who desires to shed all the confines of convention to chase their dreams.

As a creative, I enjoy meeting people like Beka. She represents the new breed of upcoming Nashville talent that is not afraid to work hard, dream big, and cut their own path. She will undoubtedly be very successful.

Watch the video and definitely follow Beka on Facebook or Twitter.

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