Chelly Dolan Photo Shoot

Back in January, I kicked off 2011 right. My lovely and talented new bride plus my new camera equaled magic.

I photographed her for her new EP “To My Feet” that released recently. It’s not every day you get to combine so many things you love into one amazing burst of creativity.

Chelly Dolan
Photo: Jeff Dolan.

It has been a long, long journey for the both us of to finally cut through and knock down all the layers of resistance and creative blockades in front of us, be they mental, financial, physical, spiritual, or emotional. Getting married was the best thing in the world for our creativity!

She encouraged me to finally get the photo and video gear I needed to actually express what ached to rush out of my heart for the past seven years. I encouraged her to finally write and record the music that she had always wanted to make. This album brought us together in new ways and helped us understand each other on a level that I think only artists can appreciate.

I acted as executive producer on her record, ensuring everything was moving along smoothly from the business end and creating as much space as possible for her to focus completely on her music. Tackling the things I enjoy like her photography, videography, CD design, poster design, and web design was extremely rewarding. I also enjoyed seeing firsthand how the legal, publishing, and licensing side of the business has changed. Even the U.S. Copyright Office now lets you submit your music online.

David Spencer did an incredible job as producer, and his emerging talent in Nashville is becoming more and more evident with each new band he produces. The entire team who contributed to Chelly’s record made us proud and humbled to work with them.

And while we know every band’s journey is different, we count each little creative victory because we know how difficult it can be to simply create something worthwhile.

Listen and go support Chelly. She is an amazing talent, but don’t take my word for it.

Never give up on your art, and find someone to cheer on toward success. You never know what potential you may have just waiting to be freed.

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  1. Brooke Davis

    That’s so awesome, Jeff!!! I hope I can find the courage to pursue my dreams as you have!

  2. Jeff Dolan

    Thanks Brooke! You can! One small step at a time. In fact, one of the
    hardest parts I have found for me is … gasp … sharing my creations
    with others. If you have no one else to share it with, come here. We’ll
    celebrate with you.

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