Quiet Entertainer Video Bio In Anamorphic Glory


eing a sci-fi fan, I’ve always admired that certain look of many sci-fi films.

The streaked flares across the entire screen, the oval bokehs, the alien feel that something supernatural was about to happen.

As any student of film eventually learns, this look can be traced back to a special lens called an anamorphic lens.

It squeezes the subject onto a smaller film negative (now digital sensor) that must be stretched back out horizontally in post-production to regain the right proportion.

The result is not only a wider screen but a unique style and look. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to try it myself.

After researching as much as I could on the technique and gear, I found the perfect fit — an adapter from Japan that can fit on any existing lens with a stretch factor of 1.3x.

As soon as I received my anamorphic adapter in the mail, I started looking for an artist to work with to bring it to life.

Since I knew that Greg Freeman, who performs under the name Quiet Entertainer, enjoys sci-fi, I knew he would be a perfect fit.

I had watched him start his music career from scratch and patiently build it over time. And he did not have a simple video explaining what he was about.

I filmed him in his element at a couple of his shows in Nashville. See what you think.

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