Lose 100 Pounds with Chris McCulley

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hen I spoke at PodCamp Nashville this year, I awarded a video bio to Chris McCulley.

His story inspired me so much because out of all the things one could do to lose weight, he chose to invite a community to help encourage him every step of the way on his website.

Through weekly weigh-in videos and blog posts, he shares his struggles, setbacks, and victories on his journey to lose 100 pounds in a year.

At 27 years old and over 400 pounds, Chris knew his habits had to change.

A near-tragic event sent him on a new path of health and fitness.

And he realized he could not do it alone. He needed a community around him to cheer him on and encourage each other.

I enjoyed getting to film him run his first 5K race with his wife and cross the finish line in style. Spending time with him and hearing his story made me reflect on my health journey.

My hope is that you will watch his story, be inspired, and take a healthier path yourself.

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