Go Analog


hen you are confronted with the fact you are addicted to information, you deny it.

Once taking a break doesn’t quite work out, you start paying attention.

Then it gets on your nerves. And you know what you must do.

Some delete their Facebook account, stop checking every blog on the Web, or delete all those iPhone apps that would make a hypnotist jealous.

OK, not just a hypnotist. Try every real person we are around when looking at our phones.

Some have been through the cycle over the years so many times that their relationship with data overload is like weeding the lawn instead of stopping an addiction. More filtering. Less cold turkey.

I started by limiting my Twitter feed to 150 people. Dunbar’s number sounded like a good start. Then it was Facebook. Facebook is where I go occasionally to feel guilty I don’t load more photos of how cool I am. Cough.

As “going analog” has crept into my lexicon, my mind has more room to breathe. To think. To reflect. To consider my ways. To create instead of consume.

During this time of evaluating where I spend my attention, Nathan Little of Moody Publishers sent me a new book to check out called Inciting Incidents: 6 Stories of Fighting Disappointments in a Flawed World.

The book is a beautifully printed work of art. It has raw, touching stories, artful typography and design, along with artwork to go with each chapter. None of this could be found on a tablet or e-reader. It reminded me why printed books still have a place – when the publisher steps up their creativity level.

A few things hit me as I read the book.

  • I was not racing to get through it like a blog post. I could pace myself and spend time with each author.
  • If these authors could overcome their disappointments and write about them so powerfully, there is so much hope for the rest of us.
  • Should I be reading this? The stories are like journal entries and emotionally compelling.
  • I really like these authors! David Wenzel, Jeff Goins, Blaine Hogan, Tracee Persiko, Mandy Thompson, David Hickman, Sarah Cunningham

Definitely consider checking out this book if you follow any of these authors and bloggers online. You will learn a side of them you don’t yet know. And you just might meet someone new and be completely inspired.

As for me, I’m writing this post instead of consuming one for a change. I suggest you go do the same.

And then let me know so I can go read it.

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