Searching For Community


t can seem like an eternity in the desert when you are searching for your tribe.

You have no community. No one who “gets” you as an artist. At times, you feel alone, unsupported, and doubtful.

So you try to build one. A tribe. A platform. A network. Whatever. It’s all people.

Whether online or off line, relationships take time to build. And throwing up a webpage is not exactly the best way to make friends.

But can you lead?

The key shift for me was when I decided to lead a community instead of build one. It’s hard to lead no one when you first start off.

I had been part of a local filmmakers Meetup for years that never met and never had anything going on, so when the opportunity presented itself, I stepped up for 2014 to lead it. logo

With only two Meetups held to date and over 100+ folks engaged and connecting, the Nashville Filmmakers Meetup is off to a huge success and has exceeded my expectations.

Maybe it’s time for you to find a community looking for a leader, and simply take them somewhere.

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