Podcasts Are The New Blogs


eading a group forces you into the spotlight. As I step up this year to lead the Nashville Filmmakers, I’m reminded that leadership requires you to spread the word about what you are doing so others can benefit.

The “quiet artist doing creative things in obscurity” doesn’t quite work anymore. The word gets out.

Dave Delaney recently interviewed me for his new podcast, New Business Networking, and despite me listening to and keeping up with how to technically run a podcast since they came into existence, I found myself on one for the first time.

Dave is such an excellent guy, it was easy to be myself and treat it like any conversation I would have with a friend. Except it wasn’t.

It was recorded. And promoted. And summarized. And linked. And shared. And liked.

Suddenly, each and every word I spoke had more weight. Did I want that word to exist? How about that one?

With the amount of content people generate online each second, it might not sound that important. But it is important to every person who takes her time to listen.

Like my first guest post for none other than Jeff Goins, I felt that same community creating content excitement. Like blog posts once were and arguably still are, podcasts are the new way to connect online around interesting topics.

A big thanks to Dave for his encouragement, and I hope you enjoy his podcast. Subscribe. Listen. And let us know what you get out of it.

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4 Comments Podcasts Are The New Blogs

  1. Jake Jorgovan

    Agreed, Podcasts are the next step. I did a few Podcast interviews and it opened doors for me just being on other peoples shows. No I am in the process of launching my own Podcast and I am excited to see where that journey takes me.

  2. Jeff Dolan

    Good question. It’s definitely in the works. I’ve got the first episode but my challenge will be finding the time to publish regularly. I will most likely go with the “seasons” model.

  3. Jeff Dolan

    Jake! I’m not sure how I missed your comment on my own blog, but that’s great news. I can’t wait to listen to your podcast. Going there now.

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