Make This Year Your Dream Year


othing will change in our life unless we can make hard decisions.

Easy decisions are comfortable. And small. Scanning this blog instead of reading it. Leaving all the tabs in our browser open in a hope that the answer to our problems, the secret to our dreams, or the thing that will change our life is just a tab over.

It’s pure foolishness. Yet we are scared. If we can distract our mind and keep making easy choices, we can delay the pain.

But the pain is not going anywhere. It waits patiently until we tell it what to do.

The pain is a warning.

We are scared of something and avoiding a decision. We know what we have to do, and we are not doing it.

We see the adventure and exhilaration we could be living just over the hill. Just out of reach. And here we sit.

Dream Year by Ben Arment

In Ben Arment‘s new book, Dream Year, he explains two conflicting fears. The fear of failure and the fear of insignificance.

Those who work on other people’s dreams typically fear failure. Those who work on their own dreams typically fear insignificance.

Ben helped me realize the fear of insignificance must be stronger than our fear of failure before we can let go and really follow our dream.

Otherwise, there is no end to the excuses.

Here’s to no excuses! Pick up your copy, stop avoiding, and make this year your dream year.

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