Keep Your Eye On The Ball

As a believer in the power of art and especially music, I had to hit pause on my normal routine to watch the Grammy’s tonight.

I was awed by the talent and raw humanity of the amazing performances I saw. When the world makes less and less sense, one great song can make it seem right again.

Some new faces and some familiar ones blessed me with a reminder to keep my eye on the ball.

Chance The Rapper won Best New Artist. He took everyone to church by starting one of his songs with “How Great is Our God.” Seriously.

A Tribe Called Quest called out the hypocrisy and lack of care for our brothers and sisters worldwide who are marginalized.

Adele’s “Hello” won Best Song of the Year. She messed up and started a song over … and we all loved her for it.

Bruno Mars stepped into Prince’s outfit and performed an amazing tribute to someone taken so young.

I was reminded again and again that music can transcend politics, religion, news, and even our current worries.

It bypasses our mind and strikes right at our heart.

And only those creators who can focus on finishing and shipping their art into the world can ever have a shot at this amazing opportunity to move the world just one inch closer to unity, to love, to God.

Here’s to creating more music, not arguments.