PodCamp Nashville 2012

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hanks to all those who came out to PodCamp Nashville this year, and especially those who attended my session.

There were well over 100 of us in the Karma Lounge, so thanks for making my debut as a speaker at PodCamp an awesome experience.

My hope is that you connected with someone new, finished your video bio plan, set a deadline, and will find success using video in your business.

For those who asked for a copy of the presentation, I embedded it below, including the popular Video Bio Plan Handout.

Twitter Challenge

I’m excited to announce the big winner of the Twitter Challenge! Congratulations to Chris McCulley, whose winning tweet is below. He will be getting a free video bio produced for his website! Remember, post all your videos you produce as a result of our PodCamp session at the Video Bio Channel on Vimeo.

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                1. david horne

                  Man am I sorry I missed this presentation. It was tempting to make the trek to Nashville. Jeff, please tell me this isn’t the only time you’ll be making this prezo¬†

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