What’s Your Next Project?


y heart was racing. I had just agreed with my wife that my presentation in a week on the power of film should actually be a film.

I was scared that this kind of project could get ugly. I’m not an actor. I had a week to produce a concept, script, video crew, actors, props, location, and a final edited video. I was presenting to my church leadership about doing films.

My message was complicated.

I had flashbacks to the horrified faces of church leaders reacting to my band lugging our gear into their church to play … rock music.

I was to give a final talk on how I wanted to get involved at my church after a yearlong leadership class. Top business leaders, professors, pastors, and filmmakers poured into me all year, and they all asked one terrifying question:

“What’s your next project?”

I did not have a clear answer for them yet, but the very question along with the momentum of finishing my Open Video Letter To The Church vision video was all I needed to inspire my next project.

We ended up pulling off the video without a hitch. I knew we had little time to edit or do much post work, so we went with one continuous take. Working out the projection video and smoke was a challenge for sure, but everyone pitched in and did a great job on short notice.

One fun fact about this shoot was that we shot it in one take. We had to like the first take because the folks who had rented our room next walked in as I yelled cut.

Having trouble getting your project done? Slap a deadline and time constraint on it and watch the awesome sauce get made.

I’m hoping any filmmakers or artists in general out there who are also part of a community of faith — who want to use their talents but do not see a place to get involved — will step up and lead despite the challenges.

Will you start today?

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  1. Page Lynch

    I think it turned out great, Jeff! I enjoyed working with you on it, and I believe you have a very bright future as a director.

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