Entrepremedian JaMarr John Johnson

JaMarr John Johnson is an entrepreneur and a comedian. An entrepremedian, as he calls it.

JaMarr is based in Los Angeles, CA, and is from New York. He has appeared on the Katie Couric Show, the Dr. Oz Show, rubbed shoulders with Dave Chappelle, served our country in the Navy, and spoken to thousands with his unique brand of improvisational stand-up comedy. One thing about comedians I love is that they bring joy to people, and without that that this creative life gets real hard.

In this episode, we talk about JaMarr’s journey as a creator and businessman, his ups and downs, his insights into the creative life and how he handles the business side, and why he feels he is doing work counter to culture.

The audio clip with JaMarr and Dave Chappelle can be found on Soundcloud.